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july 16th, 2024:

> wanted to give an update on lilac boy lilac girl vinyls.
> i really wish there was something more i could do, but this is on qrates end.
apparently no vinyls have shipped in general from them since early 2023.
i'm out thousands of dollars (haven't been paid), & as far as i understand,
no one has received their vinyls yet. i reach out monthly for updates,
& the last i heard was that they are pressed & stored,
there are just delays in shipping. i am trying to have faith that they
eventually ship. i am very sorry for the insane delay. if there was anything more i could do,
i would do it. hopefully they ship eventually. fuck.

july 12th, 2024:

> in the stu.

june 15th, 2024:

> chicago, il @ the fallen log:

april 6th, 2024:

> 2nd hyperdimensional single "strangely lost" available everywhere: [hyperdimensional spotify]

february 15th, 2024:

> 1st hyperdimensional single: [hyperdimensional song]

january 13th, 2024:

> lilac boy "dissident blue" out [everywhere].

january 6th, 2024:

> rochester, ny @ flying squirrel: