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What anime's are you guys watching right now?

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Re: What ty anime's are you guys watching right now?

Post by Janx »

wholesomegamer42 wrote: Tue Jul 02, 2024 10:26 pm ty for telling me, i'm gonna join the discord. right now my favorite arc is water 7 followed by sabaody archipelago. my favorite characters are doflamingo, usopp, and franky
Water 7 is amazing, it's such a shame that robin gets sidelined so often after that arc :(

I always wanted her to get a bunch of pistols strapped to her so should could draw 10+ guns at the same time and blast mf's XD

Hope you enjoy the rest of the anime, if you ever catch up the manga is popping off right now and would fully recommend it!
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Re: What anime's are you guys watching right now?

Post by una »

legend of the galactic heroes. god, it's so good. especially if you love fucked up, entrenched internal politics with empires reminiscient of those in the 19th and 20th centuries. set in space. the most well-meaning characters never get by. everyone is for their own self-interest! definitely something i recommend.
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