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name:        kiwi
pronouns:    she/her
breed:       unknown (suspected: korat/mix)
age:         10

[kiwi's instagram account]

> kiwi's favorite activities involve ripping centipedes into two writhing pieces,
chewing on plastic for the 47th time, and running around at full speed skidding.
> she is very loving, sits with me while at the computer, and enjoys speaking.
> i like to believe she's intelligent, neurotic, and thinks about destruction.


breeds:      sunburst diving beetles, banded diving beetles, ramshorn snails

> predacious diving beetles (thermonectus) & ramshorn snails live in an unfiltered 5 gallon nano tank.
> plants/stuff inside are duckweed, leaves, substrate, rocks, cork bark & a big fake tree.
> they spend a lot of time in the water by tucking air bubbles under their elytra.
> learn more about predacious diving beetles: [diving beetle info]

06/01/2024 update:
> i added ghost shrimp to the tank. they seemed to eat all the detritus worms. (or maybe they scattered)
> the shrimp are so funny and cute. there are more rocks too.
> do not add them to a predacious diving beetle tank. they get eaten.