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> i'm very stupid, but there are things i believe in.

free & open-source software

> i believe in free software & the power of open-source.
> i daily drive and advocate for the usage of gnu/linux os.
> a lot of cool open source linux programs can be found in [astrid's github's stars]
> it's hard to "sell linux" to a hardcore fps gamer, but i think it's extremely usable for everyone else.


> i believe in marxist political philosophy. i'm always learning but i think marxism is cool.
> i reccommend watching lectures by michael parenti on youtube.
> richard d wolff gives great lectures on the topic of a free workplace.
> additional reading material can be found in the books section of []
> donate to the palestine children's relief fund: [pcrf donate link]


> talking about veganism is funny because everyone starts frothing at the mouth.
> i'm vegan mostly for health & environmental reasons. i think morally, it makes sense too.
> it's hard to eat this way sometimes, though!