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> 05/20/2024: my neuroplasticity demon is rubber-banding
> 05/05/2024: the bugs get the last laugh
> 05/01/2024: i'm about to play real life katamari starting with my left testicle
> 04/30/2024: one more coffee... soon the diving beetles roost
> 04/25/2024: unimaginative praying mantis membrane fucker color
> 04/21/2024: cracking pistachios by hand reading das kapital with evangelion ost blaring in both ears
> 03/28/2024: trying to dress like elaine benes
> 03/21/2024: i'm so transgender; my computer runs on debian & i like worms
> 03/09/2024: obliterate neurons; tinker with carmudgeon goblin
              install new-rons: neon genesis evangelion angel
> 03/12/2024: so get this, right. so like the master boot record can only make 4 partitions.
              so like yeah you could slap an extended partition onto partition 4 or something and fuck that shit up with some logical partitions. but get this, dude.
              you could also literally just fuck with linux's GUID partitioning system and motherfuicker every hard drive can have 128 PARTITIONS. EVERY SINGLE ONE.
> 02/20/2024: candle lit: christmas spice
> 02/18/2024: headed for the nerv geofront wing. throw up an at-field at the influx of angels n things. on the way.
              never call it a rei. hotboxing shinji's evangelion for the third impact today. asuka on the way. bigger wings.
> 02/04/2024: i am computer