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> 07/14/2024: kissing a girl & it feels so nice & you forget colors exist & you open your eyes: whoa! umm, where am i?
> 07/12/2024: using biofeedback to train every drop of piss in my kidney to convert to
              good neurotransmitters before reaching bladder; never urinating again
> 07/07/2024: opens my trenchcoat to reveal 24 different rare, taxidermized scarabs
> 07/03/2024: manifesting a giant lesbian harem like the akatsuki
> 07/01/2024: slutty elaine benes lainish linux user with an ed
> 06/27/2024: the character is tamer than the person
> 06/26/2024: melting my brain waves 'til they rainbow stripe off
> 06/24/2024: dumping cortisol juice directly into the dvd slot
> 06/19/2024: oh! i just want to eat peanut butter...
> 06/14/2024: my brain feels like the door ripped off mid-flight
> 05/31/2024: self-liquefy into a 14 count ghost shrimp bucket
> 05/29/2024: french hilary clinton: "escargot to the polls!"
> 05/25/2024: don't belong
> 05/20/2024: my neuroplasticity demon is rubber-banding
> 05/05/2024: the bugs get the last laugh
> 05/01/2024: i'm about to play real life katamari starting with my left testicle
> 04/30/2024: one more coffee... soon the diving beetles roost
> 04/25/2024: unimaginative praying mantis membrane fucker color
> 04/21/2024: cracking pistachios by hand reading das kapital with evangelion ost blaring in both ears
> 03/28/2024: trying to dress like elaine benes via 80's/90's powersuit
> 03/21/2024: i'm so transgender; my computer runs on debian & i like worms
> 03/09/2024: obliterate neurons; tinker with carmudgeon goblin
              install new-rons: neon genesis evangelion angel
> 03/12/2024: so get this, right. so like the master boot record can only make 4 partitions.
              so like yeah you could slap an extended partition onto partition 4 or something
              & fuck that shit up with some logical partitions. but get this, dude.
              you could also literally just fuck with linux's GUID partitioning system
              & motherfuicker every hard drive can have 128 PARTITIONS. EVERY SINGLE ONE.
> 02/20/2024: candle lit: christmas spice
> 02/18/2024: headed for the nerv geofront wing. throw up an at-field at the influx of angels n things. on the way.
              never call it a rei. hotboxing shinji's evangelion for the third impact today. asuka on the way. bigger wings.
> 02/04/2024: i am computer