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may 22nd, 2024:

> it's hard to picture a happier day than today. i found my favorite bug in the wild.
my favorite bug is the periodical cicada (specifically magicicada septendecim)
& they've been popping up alongside brood 19 (which only lines up every 221 years).
i hung out with them. i made a video about it [here], but i'll post a picture for you as well:

may 20th, 2024:

> my goal this week is to try to relax. this might mean less output from me.
hilariously though, i'll probably fail because i'm neurotically addicted.
> it should be noted that i am playing lilac boy live in chicago
on june 15th @ the fallen log. tickets: [eventbrite ticket link]

april 30th, 2024:

> update: i'm having fun creating a hyper-lain super-desk & working on this website.
> i moved "trivial" thoughts to [thoughts]
> [blog] will exist for cohesive updates & announcements.

april 6th, 2024:

> new hyperdimensional single "strangely lost" available everywhere: [hyperdimensional spotify]

march 31st, 2024:

> happy international transgender day of visibility!
> current voice training progress: [google drive voice files]

march 23rd, 2024:

> will be streaming on sdmp sometimes @ [twitch]

march 6th, 2024:

> sometimes, people are like "put art on shirt" and so i [put art on shirt].

february 15th, 2024:

> first hyperdimensional song: [hyperdimensional song]